Note: In the event of a forecast of bad weather, an email will be sent to the DRFN distribution list the evening before a trip, with trip cancellation or re-scheduling information. If you are not on the list, you may check the DRFN website or call the outing leader.


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Upcoming Outings and COVID-19 Guidance

These are challenging times due to COVID-19. We all embrace nature and long to see our favourite wildflowers, birds, mammals, insects and other wildlife. DRFN will follow the guidance, laws and regulations of Canada, Ontario and local municipalities to limit the spread and minimize the danger.  



Next Outing

Sunday, November 27 at 10 AM

Niagara Gulls

Niagara Falls is a common destination for gulls in late fall and winter. A variety of interesting birds have been seen in the past including Lesser Black-backed, Slaty-backed, and California Gulls; Black-legged Kittiwake; Brant; Purple Sandpiper; Red Phalarope, Canvasback; Common Loons; etc.. Last year, we saw a Black-bellied Whistling-Duck. What will this year’s surprise be?

Meet at Dufferin Islands in Niagara Falls (6345 Dufferin Isle Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L0S 1A0.) Basically, take the 401, 427 and QEW to Niagara Falls. Exit at McLeod Road (49) then turn left on Burning Springs Hill Road. Drive until you reach the parking spots just south of the Niagara Parkway. Your GPS, Google Maps, etc. may have you take a different route so check a map so that you’re comfortable with the route you take. The drive to Niagara Falls should take approximately 2 hours.

Difficulty: It can be very cold, wet and/or snowy beside the Niagara River. (It can also be warm and dry…) Dress to stay warm and dry. Wear layers of clothing for flexibility. Casual walking on sidewalks will be required.

Bring water and a lunch or prepare to dine at Tim’s in Chippawa.